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Professional Billing vs. Rookie Billing If you are struggling with billing and collections a professional medical billing service may just be what the doctor ordered.  Let’s examine the symptoms: cash flow slowdowns, 5010, ICD10, CMS audits, HITECH Act, EHR conversions, health information exchanges, and ever changing regulations.
EMR Software The WorkSmart MD software is a user friendly system designed to allow collaboration. It’s easily integrated with multiple medical systems and devices so communications between physicians, pharmacies, labs, healthcare providers, and patients is quicker and more efficient. Better collaboration means better healthcare.
Outsourcing Medical Billing Medical billing can be an enormous task, especially for a busy practice. Outsourcing the medical billing for your practice will keep more money in your community and allow you to better focus on the needs of your patients. At WorkSmart MD Billing our services are designed to allow you to outsource the entire medical billing process.
Money Getting Away? Most physician practices simply don't have the time or resources to devote to collecting on the older accounts. Adding temporary collection staff can do more harm than good. It's not uncommon to find that the volume of outstanding claims and the time it takes to research, correct, and appeal the claims will take much longer than anticipated.

Accounts Receivable Problems?

medical billing services You have an accounts receivable problem if you are seeing more patients but your A/R is greater than 60 to 90 days outstanding. WorkSmart MD medical billing experts have years of experience collecting the hard money. We allocate a full team of individuals to go after every dollar. You work hard for your money and you DESERVE to collect all of it.
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Welcome To WorkSmart MD Billing

WorkSmart MD Billing has a proven track record of increasing client collection rates to 97%+. Our revenue optimization services lead to an average increase of 10%-15% in practice revenue. Our efforts on your collections will demonstrate our commitment to you and your practice. Contact one of our billing experts today.
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Complete Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services And Profits

medical billing companies profitsReliable medical billing companies that can increase revenue and collection rates are difficult to find. We guaranteed increased collection rates and have a proven track record of success. We believe timely medical billing and account reimbursements are two important factors that determine the financial health of your practice. WorkSmart MD Billing will provide your practice with a complete Medical Billing Service that includes claims denial management and full accounts receivable monitoring. We provide our clients’ with prompt, professional medical billing while treating their patients with courtesy and compassion. When you partner with WorkSmart MD you will experience quicker payments, reduced claim denials, and expert insurance negotiations. Typical WorkSmart MD clients experience a 10%-15% increase in revenue and a collection rate that exceeds 97% within 45 days.

Physician Medical Billing-Practice Management Services

When it comes to providing physicians with medical billing services and practice management we are the industry leader. Whether you have a family practice or you’re a cardiovascular specialist we have the tools to meet your medical billing needs. The direct experience of our expert billing staff allows us to understand the terminology for your chosen medical specialty and we understand the importance of the medical care you provide to your patients. We offer a variety of medical billing services to streamline operations and reduce overhead while increasing profitability.

The WorkSmart MD practice management and physician medical billing services will eliminate payment posting and follow-up, all charge entry, claim submission and much more.

  • Claims submission and tracking ensures timely payments.
  • Remittance advice posting, EOB scanning and payment verification.
  • Develop new payer rules to monitor changes and keep payments up-to-date.
  • Claims scrubbing and coding review ensures claims are clean the first time.
  • Aggressive follow-up and appeals process ensures nothing is missed.
  • Easy to learn and use web based software.
  • Practice performance and trends reports available in real-time.
  • Individual account management provides personalized service.

Why Choose Us For Your Medical Billing?

medical billing servicesMany medical billing companies make unsubstantiated claims of success; we offer actual proof. At WorkSmart MD Billing we have a proven track record of "chasing down" every dollar and our clients see increased collection rates and more practice revenue. As a WorkSmart client we provide you with detailed reports that outline the financial health of your practice. Our success depends entirely on your success so you can be assured we continuously look for ways to boost your profitability.

In today’s economy practice overhead continues to rise and collecting ALL the money you’ve earned is essential to the survival of your practice. If you would like fewer denials, quicker payments, less stress and a stronger bottom line you owe it to yourself to contact us today for a no-obligation analysis.

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