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Our Management Team

WorkSmart MD teamOur staff includes extraordinarily high caliber medical billing specialists. Our medical billing specialists are thoroughly screened, well trained, and provided with the right tools. To ensure claims go out right the first time we employ Certified Professional Coders (CPC) to ensure the accuracy of claim data. If a claim is denied, our billing specialists follow-up immediately rather than allowing unpaid claims to accumulate.


Before a medical billing specialist candidate is hired  they are given a series of skill and personality tests to insure that they have the proper skills, motivation, work ethic and attitude to be an outstanding Medical Billing Specialist.


After a Medical Billing Specialist is hired they go through a series of initial trainings to understand our medical billing process and technology. In addition, they are given on-going training in medical billing issues and techniques.

Tools & Resources

We use the latest technology to enable our medical billing specialists to focus their efforts on the tasks that will provide the most value to our clients. They are freed from  the busy work and error correction that takes up time in common medical billing companies.


We incentivize our medical billing specialists with a bonus that is directly tied to the performance of our clients collections. 


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