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Frequently Asked Questions

We are interested in using WorkSmart MD's medical billing services, what will change in our practice?

A. We are 100% committed to the success of your medical practice. We understand change is never easy so our goal is to make the changes as minimal as possible. We offer a free web-based EMR and practice management system for your practice that will help improve your collections and make you eligible for the HITECH Act stimulus money. To ensure accuracy of claims we'll need your front desk staff to begin scanning insurance cards. We will provide training to staff so everyone is comfortable with your new software. Once you go live with WorkSmart MD we will take care of all administrative processes after the patient is seen. Including review of physician coding, claims scrubbing (to ensure clean medical claims), payment posting, and customer service to your patients. The changes you can expect are less headaches and an improvement to the bottom line of the medical practice.

How does WorkSmart MD Billing obtain the information it needs to manage our medical billing?

Patient billing information comes to us electronically typically via scanner or using the eDocuments within our OfficeEMR software. All insurance checks continue to come to your practice. Our medical billing experts will obtain ERA's wherever possible to minimize paper. Using WorkSmart MD's Offsite Practice Support service saves 8 1/2 trees per year per doctor!

What is your service area? Can you support clients anywhere in the country?

WorkSmart MD serves hundreds of physicians in 20 medical specialties. We have clients all over the United States. Many physicians come to us after a bad experience with a local medical billing company and our doctors report our customer service and results to be "outstanding". We can take your existing EMR and practice management software and make it accessible through the Internet or, we offer a web-enabled practice management software system. We believe meeting our clients is important and we make it a goal to visit everyone at least once a year. Call us today 877.672.6221 for a free consultation.

What are the fees for EMR and medical billing?

Our Offsite Practice Support service includes our web-based EMR software with integrated billing along with medical billing experts and EMR Advisors. We charge no up front fees for software. All fees are calculated based on a percentage of the money we collect for you. 100% performance based. Over time we have developed a straightforward pricing model based on the number of unique patient visits and average ticket amount of your procedures. Our fee, which normally equates to less than sales tax, is calculated monthly.

Can I access my account remotely to see how much we have collected?  What about the EMR?

Our web-based EMR and practice management is software can be accessed from anywhere with Internet connectivity. The software includes real time reporting and gives you full transparency into the performance of the medical billing staff. No longer will you have to wonder how much is outstanding or what your collection rate is. We will put that information in front of you every time you login. If you have a mobile device you can also view the information on the road. Call us at 1.877.672.6221 for a free demo.

How soon can we start billing with WorkSmart MD?

We are focused on building long term partnership with each new physician client. It is important to have a strong foundation. At the same time we work hard to make sure that there are no gaps in your cash flow. We encourage you to allot 4 weeks to make a successful transition. If you have an immediate medical billing need we can assign our best agents to get the process expedited. Call a medical billing consultant today at 1.877.672.6221 to see how quickly we can get started.

Can patients pay their bill online? How often do they receive a statement?

Included with our medical billing services is a robust patient portal where patients can go online and pay their statement balance. At the end of each month, once all payments are reconciled, we will generate detailed statements for your patients. Each statement includes a valid explanation for the services rendered along with a breakdown of payments received from insurance. Your patients can count on accurate billing and statements along with friendly and courteous customer support staff to answer their questions.

Is WorkSmart MD Billing HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA is a very serious issue. We have made great efforts to develop a compliant facility with password-protected electronic data, encrypted e-mail, locked filing cabinets, and documented policies and procedures. Our founder literally wrote the book on HIPAA ("HIPAA The Questions You Didn't Know to Ask" Prentice Hall 2003) so we have a unique understanding of HIPAA requirements.

How does WorKSmart MD increase practice revenue?

We have a proven track record of increasing medical practice cash flow by 10%-15% in addition we increase the average patient encounter by identifying missed billing and coding opportunities. Our pro-active approach to claims follow-up ensurew you get paid faster than ever before. Average payments for serviced rendered within 10 business days.

How many specialties do you support?

We currently support over 20 medical specialties with medical billing and EMR. We have developed a feature rich database of EMR Exam templates that have been designed by our expert panel of physicians. Our Certified Professional Coders have an in depth understanding of each specialty and are standing by to help optimize your practice's revenue. Call us today, 1.877.672.6221 for a free consultation.

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