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Seamless Medical Billing Integration

medical billing integrationOur medical billing company provides comprehensive medical billing services with seamless medical billing integration. Our unique features and benefits set us apart from the competition. We take medical billing services to a new level of efficiency by performing an integration analysis prior to go-live.

What does this mean to you? An expert medical billing agent reviews your current business processes and finds the most efficient ways for your practice and our staff to work together. At the same time we review current procedures and use software to automate medical coding functions so that no procedure is missed during the medical billing process. Our analysis includes a detailed report that we use to ensure seamless integration into your day-to-day operations.

Our Medical Billing Objectives

  • document management softwareIdentify current medical billing procedures and any factors limiting reimbursement
  • Provide training on our web-based OfficeEMR software
  • If using EMR provide training and customization
  • Develop a plan of action for outstanding accounts receivable
  • Install high speed scanner for sending daily work and scanning patient records
  • Perform coding evaluation to ensure that modifiers are being used appropriately
  • Streamline front office operations, ensure every insurance card is scanned, provided additional training as needed
  • Help you and your office understand the HITECH act and work together to ensure you receive the $44,000 in stimulus payments

By taking these few extra step we ensure that we work smarter together.

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