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The Medical Billing Process

medical billing frustrationThe medical billing process can be very frustrating and at some point every practice has experienced problems with their billing process. Whether you are a new practice trying to figure it out, an existing practice that lost a key employee, or a growing practice that can't hire qualified staff fast enough, an efficient medical billing process is essential to your success.

Has your practice ever considered the services of a medical billing company to alleviate billing issues? Often, outsourcing your medical billing to a qualified medical billing company is the solution. You may be surprised at how easy it is and in many instances the increased cash flow through our revenue optimization will more than pay for our service. You may be wondering, what is revenue optimization? Simply put it's the WorkSmart MD process for analyzing current work flow and increasing the average reimbursement for each patient visit.

The WorkSMart MD Medical Billing Process

  1. We provide you with our web-based EMR and practice management that includes the latest billing and coding tools. At no additional cost you'll get access to our iPhone app for quick entry of your electronic super bills.
  2.  Billing documentation is scanned electronically on a daily basis and your account manager reviews and processes all charges and payments.
  3. Our team receives electronic copies of payments and performs detailed accounting to apply payments, bill secondary insurance, and bill patients when necessary.
  4. A dedicated A/R specialist is assigned to the account and performs diligent follow-up every day to make sure no practice revenue slips through the crack.This is the most critical component of our service. If a claim hasn't been paid within 30 days your dedicated A/R specialist gets to the bottom of it.
  5. Patients are billed monthly and we answer your patient's telephone calls. Patients that don't pay are transferred to our collection agency. All calls are handled from our offices in Central Florida. We are 100% based in the USA.
  6. Average collection rates are 95%-97% of insurance charges.

running moneyWe have a proven track record of "chasing down" every dollar. The final result is an increased collection rate and more practice revenue. When you become a WorkSmart MD Billing client we will provide you with monthly reports detailing the financial health of your practice and we are continuously looking for ways to boost your profitability. With WorkSmart MD you will enjoy reduced denials, quicker payments, less stress and a stronger bottom line. Lets face it, your overhead continues to rise so it makes sense that would want to reveive the money deserve. You owe it to yourself to contact us today for a no-obligation analysis

No headaches. No staff turnover. No in-house billing

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