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Physician Medical Billing Services

Advantages of Physician Medical Billing Services

physician medical billing services saves time

Our physician medical billing services provide our clients with a 10% to 15% increase in revenue and a collection rate above 97%. This is only one example of the financial benefits to using WorkSmart's physician medical billing services. Other notable benefits include quicker payments, reduced medical claim denials, professional insurance negotiations and less wasted time. At WorkSmart MD Billing our hands-on approach will allow us to become an extension of your staff. This approach will save you time which in turn will save you money thus enabling you to place more focus on practicing medicine.

When you choose us to handle your physicians medical billing and medical accounts receivable you get our firm commitment to the financial performance of your practice. Our professional Billers and Certified Professional Coders will insure smooth medical claims processing and maximize all insurance reimbursement to provide your practice greater returns on billed services. We will analyze your current medical billing process to determine work flow, payer mix, and average charges and work to increase the average reimbursement of each patient visit. In addition, our staff combined with our technology will efficiently transition your practice from in-house billing to outsourced medical billing in less than 4 weeks. This unique approach will increase both cash flow and practice revenue while saving valuable time.

Why Use Our Physicians Medical Billing Services?

Quick Insurance Payments

When you become a WorkSmart MD Billing client and business partner you will begin receiving payments within 10 business days. You will no longer have to wait to get paid. Our technology and claims processing techniques are the best in the industry so you can be assured you will get paid as quickly as possible. These factors add up to more revenue, collected faster.

Physician Medical Billing Services Save Time, Reduces Stress

Physicians Medical billing is an immense task and next to caring for your patients it is the most critical part of running your practice. Our staff of medical billers are expertly trained to insure smooth medical claims processing while maximizing your profit. Let our medical billing specialists free up some of your time and take away the stress of billing. We will focus on the administrative side of your business while you focus on patients.

WorkSmart Reduces Claim Denials

A large percentage of medical claims denial come back as a result of errors in coding. Every medical biller at WorkSmart MD Billing is a Certified Professional Coder and they will carefully review each claim for coding errors prior to submission. This cuts down on errors and leads to a claim denial rate of less than 3%.  You can count on our team to submit clean claims the first time. When it comes to physicians medical billing we are the industry leader.

Experienced Insurance Negotiations

As a client you will soon consider us to be a trusted business partner. We come to you with years of experience in the medical billing and insurance business. Our experts can help negotiate your insurance contracts, fix credentialing problems, and analyze fee schedules. 

Physicians Medical Billing Services That Works

physicians medical billing creates profitsMany doctors say that you don't just need to be an M.D. to be in private practice but you also need an MBA. WorkSmart MD Billing doesn't just send out claims, we also track and monitor them. If we are handling your physicians medical billing you will quickly realize we are an invaluable business partner to your practice. Included in our service you will also receive monthly reports detailing the financial health  of your practice. We will always be looking for ways to boost your profitability. If you would like reduced medical claim denials, quicker payments, less stress and a stronger bottom line you owe it to yourself to contact us today for a no-obligation analysis.

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