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What Is Medical Billing

What is Medical Billing and Coding?

medical biller coder paperworkToday, the healthcare industry relies heavily upon competent, qualified medical billers and medical coders. These healthcare professionals are accountable for processing patient related data such as treatment records and insurance information. Their responsibilities include coding patients’ diagnosis as well as requesting payment from the insurance company. Basically, they are responsible for accurately recording, registering and keeping track of each patients account. It’s important to remember that Medical Billers and Medical Coders are not interchangeable, they are two distinct jobs.

medical biller coderMedical Billers are responsible for ensuring that all parties involved in a patients’ healthcare are being correctly billed. Their duties usually involve communicating with patients and health insurance companies on a regular basis to make sure all invoices are paid in a timely fashion. A medical biller’s skillset must include a complete understanding of how to read medical invoices as well as a strong knowledge of coding language. In order to be successful a biller must be comfortable dealing with people and have the ability to analyze invoices and related data.

Medical coders rarely interact with insurance companies or patients. However, they are a key component in the medical billing process. Every duty performed in a medical office has a unique code assigned to it and accurate coding is necessary to ensure proper billing. When a patient receives treatment the healthcare provider documents the services provided. The Coder uses information contained in the documentation to assign the appropriate codes and create a claim to be paid. The Medical Coder and Biller often work together to make sure all invoices are paid properly.

The WorkSmart Difference

Work Smart MD Medical Billing is the best in the business. Our highly skilled Medical Billers and Certified Professional Coders have years of experience in all medical specialties. Our medical billing staff will insure smooth medical claims processing and maximize all insurance reimbursement to provide your practice the best possible returns.

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