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With the WorkSmart MD Electronic Health Record system medical providers can securely manage patient records from any computer with Internet access. A secure connection to patient documents enables you to review records in real time thus streamlining the care planning process. It’s no longer necessary for physicians to be in the office to order tests or review results.

Better Patient Experience

Electronic Health Records make sharing vital information, ordering tests, and filling prescriptions easier so patients will receive better care. Our EHR saves time, reduces the chance of errors and enables patients to be more involved in their own health care experience resulting in healthier patients and happier providers.

Better Data, Superior Results

The unique user interface provides patient information in an easy-to-read format. Providers can quickly compare allergy, medication, problem, lab and demographic reports with the click of the mouse to instantly analyze large groups of patient data. Tracking outcomes and federal reporting is as easy as point and click.

Security You Can Depend On

privacy policyThe WorkSMart MD system provides high-level HIPAA-compliant security measures that give patients and providers the confidence to share data in a secure environment. Role-based security ensures staff members see only the information necessary to perform their job. Our IT experts constantly update and improve security measures in order to prevent data leakage. Let us focus on security while you focus on your patients.

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